Sunkissed tourists sizzling on beaches, melted ice-creams and Vespa seaside adventures are some of the images that many of us relate to an Italian summer. The beach towns and cities abuzz with life as the long days melt into balmy evenings. However, the rest of Italy, especially cities in the north tell another story. One of solitude and creative activity in the near-empty streets and once busy transport hubs. Faraway, so Close! portrays the solitude and underlying sense of loneliness that Alessandro Zanoni experienced wandering the abandoned Milan train stations, in the late evenings of August. As a tireless metropolitan traveler, his work focuses on finding unusual urban wastelands. In this series, he focused on stations that routinely empty out in the evenings and are thereafter wrapped in silence. The title of the series, inspired by Wim Wender’s movie expresses the willingness to travel, but the inability to do it. A far off destination, unreachable despite the dynamic movement of trains on the run.